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Item # SMS-C6

>Material: ABS+Silicona
>Colors: white,black,blue,red,green,orange
>Speaker: 3W
>Operation Distance: 10M-30M
>Battery: built in 300MAH lithium

2.82 $
Item # SMS-JNT-24

>Material: Silicona+ABS
>Colors: white, black, blue, red, orange
>Speaker: 4Ω3W*1  36mm 
>Operation Distance: 10M

3.48 $
Item # SMS-C615

>Material: Silicone
>Colors: Blue, Orange, Green, Pink, Army green
>Speaker: 4Ω3W*1
>Operation Distance: 10M

4.04 $
Item # SMS-D868

>Material: Silicone
>Colors: red, yellow, white;  green, blue; black
>Speaker: 4Ω3W*1
>Operation Distance: 10M
>Battery: built in 400MAH lithium

4.04 $
Item # SMS-S168

>Material: ABS
>Colors: blue, yellow, black
>Speaker: 4Ω5W*1, 75mm diameter
>Operation Distance: 10M
>Battery: built in 2000MAH lithium

10.26 $
Item # SMS-W04

> Brand Name: SOOMES
> Special Feature: Mini, Portable, Wireless
> Place of Origin: Guangdong, China Manufacturer
> color: silver,blue,red,gray and so on
> Speaker output: 4Ω3W
> with TF card

9.62 $
Item # BTS-06

> Size: 81*54mm
> Battery: 300mAh Lithium Bettery 3.7V
> Material: Shell ABS

3.29 $